Top 10 Blogs on The Pump: 2014

Last year, JSI addressed health needs in the U.S. and around the world. Along the way, our experts wrote about their experiences working on some of the most important topics of the year, from Ebola to HIV.

1) Fighting the Ebola outbreak: Report from Liberia

Liberia-based Dr. Rose Jallah-Macauley discusses the impact and optimism of the RBHS project in Lofa County.

2) Thoughts on the Real John Snow

JSI President Joel Lamstein reveals the origin of JSI’s name — and it’s not the Game of Thrones character!

3) How a Drugs Management Information System is Helping to Win the Fight Against Tuberculosis in Pakistan

Despite challenges, we’re tackling tuberculosis in the world’s fourth highest multidrug-resistant country.

4) Looking Back at 10 Years of Capacity Building Services to Fight HIV

How a decade of helping organizations respond to HIV in their communities affects high-risk populations.

5) 23 Tech Innovations for Health and Education

The lessons we’ve learned in how digital interventions can make a difference.

6) Strengthening the Haiti Health Information System

Using data to monitor health status and track health facilities can save lives — especially in a crisis.

7) Good News for Newborns and Mothers in Nigeria

Two new interventions make giving birth at home safer for both mom and baby.

8) Ebola: We Can All Help

Solving the Ebola crisis requires more than just doctors and nurses.

9) Addressing the What, the Who and the Why behind recent reductions in anemia in Uganda: A multisectoral effort to find out

Why it’s important to continue the fight against the world’s most common nutritional deficiency.

10) World Health Workers Week: Spotlight on Community Health Workers

The world is short 7.2 million primary care providers for under served communities — what’s the solution?

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