Women Deliver Day 1: Going to Scale on MNCH: Vitruvius and the Mindset of the Architect

His name was not mentioned at the Women Deliver Conference, here on-going in Kuala Lumpur, yet, presentation after presentation on Day 1 alluded to ideas of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (born around 80–70 BC) found in his classic work De Architectura.

Women Deliver Day 1: Saying NO to cervical cancer: Promising advances in global HPV vaccination

Even before my dear friend, Cindy deNeve, died young of cervical cancer, I cared deeply about prevention via HPV vaccination. My new granddaughter and Cindy’s two small daughters will avoid cervical cancer because they can afford the expensive vaccine. Not so for millions of young girls in poor and middle income countries.

The 3rd Global Women Deliver Conference: Small steps add up to big picture transformation

I absolutely love the name “Women Deliver” – the double entendre of it, the putting together of two simple but powerful words. And it always makes me think of other combinations that are equally necessary for our objectives to be realized: Women Participate. Women Lead. Women Advocate. Women Agitate. Then, women can truly deliver.