The Value of Centralized Training Services

Training providers are increasingly asked to demonstrate that training is “worth it.” In other words, is investing in a national training and technical assistance (TTA) center the best use of available resources?

Practical Training: Applying the Science of Implementation

JSI has been learning from, adapting, and improving its approach to training and technical assistance for years, and uses a number of strategies to translate training concepts and skills into improved (and sustained) practice.

Health Workers on the Frontlines of the Ebola Epidemic in Liberia

In Liberia, which has suffered the worst of the epidemic, JSI staff have been on the frontlines of the Ebola response for the past several months, training health care workers, managing supply chain logistics and contact tracing.

There’s training, and then there’s capacity building

You must understand basic human needs when you’re talking about HIV; for example, you can’t talk to people about prevention if they don’t have something to eat today. Organizations work the same way. Look at their hierarchy of needs; they must keep money flowing, so strengthening those systems first is essential.