Positively Disrupt your Friday: Why you can’t miss the TEDxChange event “Positive Disruption” on April 5th

TEDxChange 2013 has begun! On Wednesday, April 3, Melinda Gates started a global conversation on some of the most pressing and intractable health and equity issues the world faces. Access to clean water, to schools, to medicine, to technology and to information were prominent themes in today’s global broadcast from the Gates Foundation Campus in Seattle, Washington.

Positive Disruption: From an 1854 water pump to today

In 1854, John Snow disrupted a London neighborhood where a cholera outbreak had emerged, much to the dismay of many neighbors. After mapping recent cholera cases, he saw they had clustered around the Broad Street pump. His solution wasn’t to post flyers about his discovery to try to convince the residents to stop drinking the water (which he suspected was the cause of the outbreak). Instead, he simply removed the handle from the pump. No handle, no water, and, eventually, marked reductions in cholera cases.