Four Important Trends in Digital Media

With in-depth data on today’s digital trends, the recently released Meeker 2017 Internet Trends report offers insights on how people around the world are using technology. One key takeaway for the HIV community is that advances in technology are improving healthcare. Here are four of the trends noted in the report that may be most valuable to HIV service organizations.

Dispatch from the Global Health Supply Chain Summit

In the realm of supply chain, data visibility through technology is a game changer, helping to eliminate the stock-outs and expiries that are still endemic at service delivery points. However, Chris Wright reminds us, technology is useless without people who are skilled at interpreting and applying the data technology yields.

Helping Health Workers Work with Mobile Money

The HealthKeepers Network (HKN) shows how mobile money has changed the way patients make payments in rural communities.

Top 5 Digital Trends of 2014 for the HIV Community

Citing data from the project, New Media Coordinator Yumna Bahgat shares tips and strategies to maximize engagement on a variety of social media channels according to 2014’s biggest digital trends.

Frontline Health Workers Use Technology to Improve Care

As a frontline health worker in Malawi, Petro Kangulu is one of approximately 4,000 health surveillance assistants (HSA) focused on improving the health of people in his community by providing community case management (CCM) for common childhood illnesses. Petro, who lives in Kasungu district in western Malawi, was selected by his community for the role four … Continue reading “Frontline Health Workers Use Technology to Improve Care”

JSI’s eLearning for capacity building: Making the leap

Here at JSI we are unlocking the advantages of elearning, such as convenience and cost-effectiveness, to help build the capacity of community-based organizations that provide HIV prevention services.

Innovation can increase the impact of immunization programmes

The ultimate goal of immunization programs to reduce morbidity, mortality and disability from preventable diseases, but the intermediate objective is to deliver effective, safe, timely and affordable immunization services. But what works?

Wired Health: Living by Numbers – a public health perspective

This past week, Wired magazine held it’s first ever conference on health. The speaker lineup was impressive, and the session moderators top notch at keeping the conversation both moving and on time.