Words Matter: The Language of Behavioral Health

Words DO matter. As behavioral health and substance use continue to increase and go unsupported in many populations, it’s more important than ever to think about the words that are used and the stigma they can carry.

Addressing breast cancer in the country of Georgia: Promoting screening and fighting stigma

In Georgia, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age. Since 2005, JSI has played an active role in the country to spread awareness about breast cancer, promote the use of early screening diagnostic centers, and help support and scale up the work of breast cancer advocates

JSI, World Education and Bantwana staff look forward to the 2012 International AIDS Conference

The International AIDS Conference is always a significant event for all of us at JSI, World Education and Bantwana who have dedicated their work to addressing the HIV epidemic. Through the course of the weeklong conference, we have the opportunity to catch up with colleagues, meet new colleagues, share our excellent work in a global setting, and learn about what others are doing.

Many Hands: How to Reach HIV Positive Youth

In my community, youth are still unable to access youth-friendly HIV services. I believe communities like mine can empower HIV-positive youth who choose to be open about their HIV status by providing self-esteem training; supporting them to establish youth-centered positive prevention clubs; educating them on condom use, then making protection supplies available; and finally by linking them to existing youth centers and youth organizations to access reproductive health and HIV services.