Rose Musumali Lungu: I began working in HIV when…

I was already involved in public health when I first remember hearing regularly about HIV /AIDS about 12 years ago. But it was peripheral to me and my work and I continued with my business of improving the nutritional status of Zambian children under the age of five, and pregnant and lactating women.

Through Mutinta’s Eyes: The HIV epidemic in Zambia

But, I have also seen hope. I have seen people, organizations, countries coming together, putting resources together to help Zambians. I have seen a disease which was once a death sentence become a disease that can be managed, thanks to all the resources that have gone into providing testing facilities & ART, as well as care and support programs. I have seen the disease itself change from the virulent attacks characteristic of the early textbook description of AIDS, including severe oral thrush, severe Herpes Zoster, other skin manifestations; the AIDS we see now is milder, I think.