Respectful Care: A new term for the family-centered approach that women have been requesting

One of the strategies to reduce maternal mortality worldwide is to encourage the use of health facilities during birth by paying attention to the way women are treated in those facilities – with an emphasis on care with support and dignity. It’s called “respectful care,” and although it’s a new buzzword in the maternal health community, the idea is anything but new. Women have been asking for this for decades, even if not in those very words.

Collaboration continues between JSI and the Russian Institute for Family Health

Across Russia, a transformation in maternal health care has caught the interests of both doctors and their clients, as the health care industry embraces a patient-centered approach that John Snow, Inc. (JSI) and the Russian Institute for Family Health (IFH) introduced in several regions.

Our continued commitment to improving maternal and child health in Russia

I was in Moscow in May with leaders from the United States obstetrical and neonatology communities and their Russian counterparts who had all gathered to discuss best practices and current issues in maternal and infant health care.