Good News for Newborns and Mothers in Nigeria

What has happened for newborns in Nigeria in the past year? Are neonates in Nigeria faring any better or is it all talk and no action? Here are the facts.

Good governance and protecting newborns in Sokoto

On the mid-September morning we met Baby Rukayatu in Zangalawa village, 30 minutes from Sokoto Town in north-western Nigeria, the desert sky was blue and visibility was as good as it gets. The ground, still soaking wet from a recent downpour, hosted a riotous festival of flowers and vast armies of towering, green stalks of … Continue reading “Good governance and protecting newborns in Sokoto”

The first 28 days: Simple interventions save newborn lives

It is time for international attention to children’s health to shift focus to the newborn period – a crucial time of life that requires specific strategies.