Giving Thanks: An HIV-Positive Mother in Zambia Gives Back

Introducing ARVs into antenatal and postnatal care significantly improves the chance that babies of HIV-positive mothers can be born without the virus. “I am a happy mother,” says Susan Simfukwe in Lusaka. “I think the American government has really helped us Zambians. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think we’d have ARVs now. I want to thank the American people as their support has really served us.” Since 2007 the Zambian ARV logistics system has given more than 165,000 women like Susan access to PMTCT drugs.

NUMAT’s story on Half the Sky Competition

In Uganda, an estimated 39% of all young women aged 15-49 have experienced sexual violence according to recent statistics. Particularly, in Northern Uganda, rape and domestic violence have been exacerbated by the armed conflict. The Northern Uganda Malaria AIDS & Tuberculosis Programme (NUMAT) is a USAID-funded Programme managed by John Snow, Inc, a global health … Continue reading “NUMAT’s story on Half the Sky Competition”