Celebrating Achievement, Celebrating Opportunity

Today, effective HIV prevention and treatment methods are available to more people around the world than ever before, however challenges in the fight to end the epidemic and improve the lives of people living with HIV still lie ahead. On World AIDS Day, JSI’s Andrew Fullem celebrates the opportunities to continue global progress toward an AIDS-free generation.

A Time to Make Country ‘Pivots,’ Always with an Eye toward Epidemic Control

In the past year, PEPFAR, OGAC, and WHO have issued updates to their HIV/AIDS strategies which include ambitious new goals for controlling the epidemic. AIDSFree Deputy Director Helen Cornman calls for national and international HIV/AIDS programs to take a pragmatic approach to adapting to the rapidly shifting HIV landscape.

New Video: How Enrollment Assisters Can Help People Living with HIV Find Affordable Coverage

Enrollment assisters play an essential role in helping people living with HIV to find a health plan that best covers their health needs, including critical medications and care. Watch this video to better understand the enrollment needs of people living with HIV. Visit http://targethiv.org/assisters for more information.

Cold Chain Policy vs. Cold Hard Reality: Thinking Inside the Box

Ideally, vaccines should be stored by themselves in a dedicated refrigeration unit at health facilities to ensure quality maintenance and aid inventory tracking. However, with limited available resources, facility managers often store other life-saving, temperature-sensitive commodities in vaccine refrigerators. JSI’s Chris Wright illustrates this dilemma and calls for a vaccine storage policy that will allow program and facility managers to report more inclusive and realistic stock and storage data.

An AIDS-Free Generation by 2030? What it Would Take to Achieve this Remarkable Milestone.

HIV still has no cure or vaccine, but current tools, if used at scale and in combination, can help us achieve an AIDS-free generation by 2030. JSI’s Dr. Samson Kironde, Director of the AIDSFree Project, explains the global strategy, tactics, and best practices that are helping set the path for an end to HIV.

Latest WHO Guidelines Could Spell End to HIV, but Global Investment is Needed More than Ever

The latest WHO guidelines on when to start antiretroviral therapy and on pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention could have major implications for people living with HIV and those at greatest risk for contracting the virus. JSI’s Samson Kironde, Director of the AIDSFree project explains that in order to realize the guidelines’ potential, global investments must be made to overcome the remaining challenges to ending the HIV epidemic.

A look at AIDS 2014: It is time for a caring hand

Reflecting on the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, Australia, JSI’s Helen Cornman highlights the increasingly important role that social support will play moving forward in the global fight against HIV.

Personal connection and creative expression at the International AIDS Conference

Presenters and exhibitors at the International AIDS conference in Melbourne demonstrate the vast diversity of people and initiatives dedicated to the global fight against HIV.