Themes from #HSR2014: On networks, information sharing, and promoting action

Last week the Cape Town International Convention Center was filled with almost 2,000 participants from 125 countries talking about health systems. The Symposium theme was the Science and Practice of People-Centered Health Systems, and the dialogue was bigger and broader than the somewhat academic vision that the “Third Global Health Systems Research Symposium” might evoke. … Continue reading “Themes from #HSR2014: On networks, information sharing, and promoting action”

Promoting Synergy Between Implementers and Researchers Through Implementation Science

Anne LaFond, Director of the JSI Center for Health Information, Monitoring, and Evaluation (CHIME), explores the link between research and implementation from the 2014 Health Systems Research Symposium in Cape Town, South Africa.

A Chair at the Top? The Importance of Leadership for Public Health Supply Chains

JSI’s Walter Proper, Director of the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT Public Task Order, explains why developing a strong, committed supply chain workforce and establishing supply chain leadership roles within a health system is essential to ensuring that health commodities get to the people who need them.

An Effective International Response to Manage the Ebola Epidemic and Preserve the Existing Health Systems is Still Needed

For months, the burden of responding to the the unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa fell mostly on fragile national health systems. JSI’s Merce Gasco, Technical Advisor to the Rebuilding Basic Health Systems in Liberia project, explains the toll that has taken on health systems’ ability to provide much-needed basic health services and calls for a stronger international support for outbreak response.

Design thinking & global health: an opportunity

Design thinking takes a human-centered approach to creating and implementing innovative programs, integrating the needs of the people/customers, the possibilities of technology and other innovations, and the requirements of business success. The design process starts with empathy generation, and then moves through various stages until you’re testing a final prototype with users.

Strengthening Liberia’s health system one map at a time

A country ravaged by 14 years of civil war, Liberia has imminent needs spanning every sector. Both the international community and the Government of Liberia (GoL) have identified strengthening health systems as a key priority. The civil war reduced the available health workforce and impacted the country’s ability to provide essential health services. Although the … Continue reading “Strengthening Liberia’s health system one map at a time”

Health systems strengthening: The dichotomy between HIV and non-HIV services

The recent unprecedented investment in combating the HIV pandemic by United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria have led to the debate on whether HIV programs have strengthened or undermined national health systems in developing countries. The debate was continued by health system strengthening (HSS) … Continue reading “Health systems strengthening: The dichotomy between HIV and non-HIV services”