Domestic Violence: More than a Political Issue

The recent election sparked a national conversation about violence against women that had been ignored for too long. In the wake of the outcome, efforts to protect women’s health and prevent violence are critical. In the health field, we can capitalize on the increased public attention and opportunity in the healthcare landscape to address domestic violence as a critical public health issue.

Lessons from the PEPFAR Gender-Based Violence Initiative

One in three women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused at least once in her lifetime. And women who have experienced gender-based violence (GBV) can face up to three times greater risk for HIV compared to those who have not, according to UNAIDS. GBV is common, affecting both women and men. Children and key populations are also at high risk, and often don’t have access to the resources they need.

Acknowledging the Barriers around Women’s Equality

In Guyana and Kenya, Advancing Partners & Communities (APC) is working to protect and advance women’s rights by decreasing instances of gender-based violence and female genital mutilation/cutting through the capacity building of local organizations.

The Shirt You Couldn’t Miss: Integrating HIV and GBV Prevention

This is a re-post of Daniel Cothran’s guest blog today (December 8, 2011) on The Global Health Magazine. Gender-based violence and a guide to assist with GBV and HIV prevention integration Ahh… ahh… Baby, I love you so much! …. We repeated this refrain, clapping the beat as the person in the middle of the … Continue reading “The Shirt You Couldn’t Miss: Integrating HIV and GBV Prevention”

NUMAT’s story on Half the Sky Competition

In Uganda, an estimated 39% of all young women aged 15-49 have experienced sexual violence according to recent statistics. Particularly, in Northern Uganda, rape and domestic violence have been exacerbated by the armed conflict. The Northern Uganda Malaria AIDS & Tuberculosis Programme (NUMAT) is a USAID-funded Programme managed by John Snow, Inc, a global health … Continue reading “NUMAT’s story on Half the Sky Competition”