JSI “opts in” to SOCAP 2016: The Role of iNGOs in Scaling Innovation

Finance organizations should encourage a shift to impact investing, where companies have to “opt-out” of making thoughtful, socially-conscious investments rather than having to “opt-in.” Partners such as JSI can provide the insight and on-the-ground presence to make such an investment impactful, sustainable, and when applicable, scalable.

Building a Community of Supply Chain Professionals

Around the world, immature immunization and health supply chains continue to inhibit availability of a variety of health commodities—including vaccines, nutrition products, reproductive health supplies, and general medicines—required to meet the health-related Sustainable Development Goals. Public health supply chain leader and manager capacity must be strengthened if this situation is to improve.

How to Improve Respectful Maternity Care through Community Engagement

To increase the number of women who give birth at health facilities, the L10k project is talking to families about their care needs and working with facility staff to promote respectful care practices.

Taking the Pulse of cStock

The Ministry of Health of Malawi adopted cStock, a community-based logistics management information system developed by the SC4CCM project, for use on a national level. JSI’s Megan Noel, SC4CCM Technical Advisor, explains how the project is monitoring the system’s effectiveness through Routine Data Quality Assessment.

Positively Disrupt your Friday: Why you can’t miss the TEDxChange event “Positive Disruption” on April 5th

TEDxChange 2013 has begun! On Wednesday, April 3, Melinda Gates started a global conversation on some of the most pressing and intractable health and equity issues the world faces. Access to clean water, to schools, to medicine, to technology and to information were prominent themes in today’s global broadcast from the Gates Foundation Campus in Seattle, Washington.

Right to reproductive services on London Summit agenda this week

When delegates to the London Summit on Family Planning gather Wednesday, they will be meeting to renew efforts to support the rights of women and girls to contraceptive information, services, and supplies. I’m gratified to see this emphasis on rights as the very basis for the summit.

Saving newborn lives in Ethiopia

I was recently in Ethiopia for the JSI Global Maternal and Child Health Conference and spent a day visiting a health post that’s supported by JSI’s Saving Newborn Lives initiative. Saving Newborn Lives works to make sure that more babies are attended to in their first seven days of life.

Maximizing the Impact of Public and Private Global Health Commitments

In a time of international economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for donor agencies to ensure global health dollars are being spent wisely for maximum health impact.  Investing in maternal and reproductive health programs around the world has supported a one-third reduction in maternal mortality since 1990, and saved the lives of millions. … Continue reading “Maximizing the Impact of Public and Private Global Health Commitments”

MDG 4: Delivering on the Promise of Immunization

Rebecca Fields and Robert Steinglass: Make vaccination a reality for all children “This will give mothers peace of mind.” “This will reduce my fear of my child dying of pneumonia.” “This will reduce the number of trips mothers make to the health center.” “This will save me money if my child doesn’t get sick.” “We … Continue reading “MDG 4: Delivering on the Promise of Immunization”