How to Use Data to Solve Social Problems and Drive Decisions: 4 Takeaways from Data for Good Exchange 2016

It’s been a couple hundred years since Dr. Snow plotted cholera deaths on a simple map; one of the earliest examples of data visualization and epidemiology. But using maps, geo-spatial data and geographic information system data is trendier than ever. Think: satellites, drones, smart phones. These powerful technologies offer billions of pixels worth of data that many industries have only just tapped into as a resource.

A Time to Make Country ‘Pivots,’ Always with an Eye toward Epidemic Control

In the past year, PEPFAR, OGAC, and WHO have issued updates to their HIV/AIDS strategies which include ambitious new goals for controlling the epidemic. AIDSFree Deputy Director Helen Cornman calls for national and international HIV/AIDS programs to take a pragmatic approach to adapting to the rapidly shifting HIV landscape.

David Hausner: I began working in HIV when…

During my last semester of high school in 1983, I had an internship with a pathologist. For my final report, he suggested that I write about a new disease. It was an exciting idea because no one knew the cause of the disease and it was so different from anything seen until then. That was the first time I had done any work related to AIDS.

Marc Cunningham: I began working in HIV when…

While growing up in Jos, Nigeria, one of my important mentors, Mary Beth Oyebade, started the Mashiah Foundation with her husband to support HIV+ women and widows. Their dedication to meeting the clear needs they saw showed me how relevant and important holistically addressing HIV/AIDS is in Nigeria. I just knew I was going to become a doctor.

De Canada a la Patagonia

“De Canada a la Patagonia” has been the clarion call for Latino IAS conference delegates to unite around HIV. This conference has provided the opportunity for Latinos in the USA, Canada, Central and South America and the Caribbean to share our experiences in addressing the challenges posed by HIV. That exchange is taking place throughout the poster sessions, the Global Village, the conference sessions, satellite activities and receptions.