The Time is Right for Community Health Centers to Embrace Value-Based Payment Models

JSI Director Rachel Tobey, Jay Bhatia, and Michael Hochman, MD, MPH, discuss their recent JAMA article on implementing value-based payment models to support community health centers so that they can continue to serve a vital role in their communities.

Health Workers Improve Service Delivery and Data Quality at a Health Center in Tanzania

JSI’s Lora Shimp visited the Jambiani Health Center in Kusini District, Tanzania during a weekly immunization session meticulously run by two dedicated nurses.

23 Tech Innovations for Health and Education

Improving Services through Technology and Innovation is a new publication out from JSI and World Education, highlighting the new technologies our projects are using to make a difference in education and health systems and, ultimately, people’s lives. Scroll through an overview of the innovations here and click on an image to visit the project page, … Continue reading “23 Tech Innovations for Health and Education”

Increasing access to skilled birth attendance in the newest country of the world: The South Sudan experience

South Sudan has one the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, with more than 2,000 deaths per 100,000 live births. Most women still give birth at home, and very few of those deliveries include skilled attendants. The lack of basic and emergency obstetric care is a major factor behind the high levels of maternal mortality and morbidity there.

Now is a good time for safety net organizations and state health departments to review shortage/underservice designation status

As health reform rolls out and Medicaid is expanded, there is going to be a lot of interest in the various federal programs related to Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status and workforce development. Individual organizations and providers who want access to additional federal resources – for example those that are thinking about a transition to FQHC status, becoming a Look-Alike, or applying to the National Health Service Corps for providers – might want to reevaluate their designation status.

JSI Works with Community Health Centers through Transformation

Community Health Centers (CHCs) are facing a time of transition. Along with the Affordable Care Act’s opportunities for safety net users come challenges for the organizations that address the needs of the underserved and uninsured. While expansion of Medicaid potentially brings new clients, expanded insurance opportunities mean clients will have a choice of where to access health care and CHCs will have to focus on retaining as well as expanding their client base.