Good News for Newborns and Mothers in Nigeria

What has happened for newborns in Nigeria in the past year? Are neonates in Nigeria faring any better or is it all talk and no action? Here are the facts.

Better Cord Care Saves Babies Lives: Panel Discussion

In developing countries, many newborns pass away because they are exposed to germs and pathogens that cause infection. In fact, about a quarter of all newborn deaths are due to infections. However, a new medicine called chlorhexidine (CHX) has been proven very effective in preventing infection, also called newborn sepsis. Last week, a group of practitioners gathered in Washington, D.C. to discuss countries’ progress in introducing and scaling up the use of CHX, and the way forward. I was honored to be part of this group.

Country Perspectives on Chlorhexidine Panel Discussion: A Live Feed

For more context on the event, read Better Cord Care Saves Babies Lives: Panel Discussion, written by Leela Khanal, Project Director of the Chlorexidine ‘Navi’ Care Program. [View the story “Highlights from #CHX2013” on Storify]   [View the story “Highlights from #CHX2013” on Storify]

JSI looks forward to learning and sharing prevention practices at the 2012 APHA conference

At JSI, we look forward to the American Public Health Association conference as an opportunity to gather each year to learn from and be inspired by our colleagues in the public health world.