Why Leaving Isn’t Always an Option: Identifying the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Social Issues

Understanding the relationships between domestic violence and social issues is critical to preventing and mitigating domestic violence.

A Path to Financial and Clinical Success for Community Health Centers

The story of how we created a paper focused on partnerships and infrastructure that can help health centers — and smaller ones, in particular — best participate in new payment models and improve care for the patients they serve.

Berkeley Passes the Nation’s First Soda Tax

On November 5, 2014, the city of Berkeley, California made history by voting in the first ever soda tax. Following up on her November 3rd post promoting the proposed tax, JSI’s Clancey Bateman extrapolates on the implications of this public health victory.

In California, a Tax on Sugary Drinks is the First Step in the Fight Against Obesity

Days before voters in California will decide whether or not to tax sugary beverages, like soda, sports drinks, and energy drinks, JSI’s Clancey Bateman offers some statistics on these sweet menaces to public health.