Social Media lounges – the place for relaxed learning

Similar to Project Listen, we recognize that when it comes to social media, many people are simply unfamiliar. It can seem overwhelming at first, and if they haven’t used it in their personal life, they often are not quite sure where to start. The lounge is a model for how we provide technical assistance; as with other new experiences, sometimes people just need safe place to ask questions.

Mindy Nichamin: I began working in HIV when…

I was born in the 80s, the same decade that the HIV epidemic began. Yet I was too young to remember the fear, the lives lost, the activism, and the scientific advances of the first decade of the epidemic. Fast forward to the 2000s where I found myself and my peers, as young people in the United States, unacquainted with the reality of HIV around us.

The power of expression—artistic response to HIV at AIDS 2012

Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, art has provided a channel for expressing love, loss, stigma, community, and activism. Think Keith Haring, Bill T. Jones, Larry Kramer, among others. The Names Project (also known as the AIDS Quilt) provided an artistic forum for the communal response to the personal, devastating losses to AIDS—many of the estimated 48,000 panels covered the National Mall in Washington this week.

New Media and the 2010 National Gay Men’s Health Summit

Later this month, the 2010 National Gay Men’s Health Summit (GMHS 2010) will take place August 25-30 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to the recently released National HIV/AIDS Strategy, “Gay and bisexual men have comprised the largest proportion of the HIV epidemic in the United States since the first cases were reported in the 1980s, … Continue reading “New Media and the 2010 National Gay Men’s Health Summit”

USAID IMPACT Blog: Mobile Clinics in India Take to the Road

I’ve been fortunate to attend international HIV conferences for many years. Several of those conferences stand out in my memory for the results they produced. In Vancouver (1996), researchers first announced the results of the highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) clinical trials—changing the future for millions of us living with HIV. In Durban (2000), delegates … Continue reading “USAID IMPACT Blog: Mobile Clinics in India Take to the Road”