Live from Facebook, It’s! Lessons We’ve Learned so Far

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about managing production and handling the challenges of coordinating filming, editing, and posting videos across distances and time zones. But we always enjoy a new challenge, so we were excited when Facebook announced the public release of Facebook Live last Spring, which records videos and posts them to the site in real time. Needless to say, we’ve learned a lot from our first 20 Facebook Live videos. Here are the 6 P’s of what we’ve learned so far.

JSI Honors World AIDS Day

Every year on December 1st, JSI commemorates World AIDS Day to help raise awareness around HIV&AIDS, support people around the world living with HIV, honor those who have died, and reflect on both the progress that has been made and the obstacles that remain in the fight against HIV. On this day, JSI also recognizes the … Continue reading “JSI Honors World AIDS Day”

When tried and true strategies fall short: Adapting interventions for a new era in the global fight against HIV

In the last 10 years, great strides have been made in the global fight against HIV. However, to achieve further success, the successful strategies of the past must be altered.

Personal connection and creative expression at the International AIDS Conference

Presenters and exhibitors at the International AIDS conference in Melbourne demonstrate the vast diversity of people and initiatives dedicated to the global fight against HIV.

Youth take action at the International AIDS Conference

Writing from the 20th International AIDS Conference, JSI’s Malia Duffy discusses the particular challenges faced by adolescents living with HIV and shares the main points of the Youth Action Plan–a strategy devised by a consortium of HIV-positive adolescents during a planning session in Melbourne.

What Will We Do in This Defining Moment to End HIV/AIDS?

Writing from the 2011 U.S. Conference on AIDS (USCA), Juli Powers, JSI, says, “This was the first conference where I sat in the audience and listened as multiple individuals not only shared a vision for the end of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but made me believe that it is possible within our lifetime.” Life is about those defining moments – and perhaps most importantly, what we do with them. I was reminded not only how far we have come, but that there is hope that the end of the epidemic is within our reach.