Observing National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day through Digital Storytelling and Social Media

This blog post was originally posted on Friday, April 10, 2015 at AIDS.gov



On Friday, April 10th, AIDS.gov, in observance of National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day (#NYHAAD Exit Disclaimer), provided our nation with an opportunity to engage young people (and adults) in conversation about the epidemic’s impact on youth. These conversations included sharing stories and facts about the epidemic, and can involve listening to young people and sharing tools for action. This year’s theme is “Engaging Youth Voices in the Response to HIV & AIDS.” We at AIDS.gov hope you will use these digital resources for #NYHAAD Exit Disclaimer and beyond to engage with youth about HIV.



Digital SPositiveSpin_FacebookProfile_v2torytelling: AIDS.gov recently released Positive Spin. This digital storytelling series features the personal experiences of five HIV-positive, gay black men who have successfully navigated the HIV care continuum,from diagnosis to treatment and, ultimately, to viral suppression. Achieving viral suppression helps those with HIV stay healthy, live longer, and dramatically reduce their chances of passing the virus to others.

Among these Positive Spin stories are: Uriah’s story of learning at age 17 that he is HIV-positive and Guy’s story of being a young, black gay man living with HIV. Watch their stories, share them on social media using #mypositivespin, and leave us your comments.



Learn the Facts:

Listen and Join the Conversation:

Take Action:

How do you use social media to take part in the conversation about HIV? How are you connecting with youth about HIV?

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