23 Tech Innovations for Health and Education

Improving Services through Technology and Innovation is a new publication out from JSI and World Education, highlighting the new technologies our projects are using to make a difference in education and health systems and, ultimately, people’s lives.

Scroll through an overview of the innovations here and click on an image to visit the project page, or read more detail in the publication itself.


Geographic Information Systems

1. GIS contribute to rational planning of service expansion

Country: Tanzania

1 Measure_GIS mapping

2. GIS technology helps to estimate the potential local impact of federal policy decisions

Country: United States

2 Revision of Fed Rules_GIS mapping

3. Combining mapping technology with community mobilization efforts to reduce childhood diarrhea.

Country: Laos

3 Reducing Childhood Diarrhea_GIS mapping

4. Mapping community health center service areas to allow for the visualization of program needs

Country: United States

4 Uniform Data System_GIS mapping

5. GPS data leads to timely delivery of health supplies

Country: Nigeria

5 Deliver_GIS mapping



6. Online lessons in logistics make training cost-effective across continents

Country: Promoted in all project countries

6 Deliver_eLearning

7. Human-mediated digital learning impacts nutrition and hygiene

Country: India

7 SPRING_eLearning

8. Online institutes build capacity in HIV prevention

Country: United States

8 CBA_eLearning

9. mLearning application teaches literacy through interactive media activities

Country: Cambodia

9 TRAC_eLearning

10. Apps developed through mobile learning platform accelerate learning

Country: United States

10 mLearning project_eLearning


Health Information Technology

11. Streamlining data collection for family planning services

Country: United States

11 Region I FP_HIT

12. Automation ensures accuracy, security, and efficiency for physician referrals

Country: United States

12 QuitWorks_HIT

13. Delivery Team Topping Up system ensures timely and efficient delivery of health commodities

Country: Zimbabwe, Nigeria

13 Deliver SCMS_HIT

14. Web-based logistics management information systems ensure delivery of family planning and other health supplies

Country: Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Tanzania, Zambia

14 Deliver_mHealth



15. Text message system provides real-time supply chain data from health facilities

Country: Ghana, Tanzania

15a GFRH_mHealth

16. Improving supply chains at the community level with text messages

Country: Malawi

15 SC4CCM_mHealth

17. Helping more people quit smoking with texting

Country: United States

16 NH Tobacco_mHealth

18. Extending agricultural services to remote farmers through CocoaLink

Country: Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire

17 CocoaLink_mHealth

 19. Launching a bulk text messaging campaign to communicate confidential HIV prevention and treatment messaging

Country: Ghana

18 EMPower_mHealth

20. Every Dose, Every Day application helps people living with HIV stay on daily regimen

Country: United States

19 Prevention w Positives_mHealth


Mobile Data Collection

21. Complex household survey data collection on mobile phones improves efficiency and rigor

Country: Sierra Leone

20 Essesntial Newborn_mData


22. Registering beneficiaries via mobile phone cuts wait times for food aid

Country: Liberia

21 LAUNCH_mData


23. Leading the adoption of mobile technology to conduct health facility surveys

Country: More than a dozen countries in Africa and Asia

22 DELIVER_mData



Find more details on all these innovations in the Improving Services through Technology Innovation publication.

23 Inno Cover

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