Why Leaving Isn’t Always an Option: Identifying the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Social Issues

Understanding the relationships between domestic violence and social issues is critical to preventing and mitigating domestic violence.

The Cure for Smoking?

After years of public health campaigns showing how bad cigarettes are for your health, the tobacco industry finally began to faced extinction but they’ve now found another way back into your lives, health, and wallets – e-cigarettes. But are they really any better?

It Takes A Village – Caring for Older Adults who Suffer from Asthma

JSI intern Rachael Meyer describes her experiences engaging in the Reducing Older Adult Asthma Disparities study, made poignant due to her own family’s experience supporting her grandfather.

Key Takeaways for Maternal Health from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 2018 Annual Meeting

JSI’s Merce Gasco and Natasha Vartapetova reflect on health disparities, family planning, maternal health, and other key takeaways from the ACOG annual meeting.

Breaking the Silence from the (Unintended) Consequence of Political Correctness

At Business Innovation Factory (BIF), one of their core beliefs is that a good story can change the world. By sharing their insights and perspectives, we can connect, inspire, and transform to enable purposeful networks. JSI Senior Consultant and BIF guest contributor Ann Keehn shares her thoughts and emergent takeaway from BIF2018.