The Cure for Smoking?

After years of public health campaigns showing how bad cigarettes are for your health, the tobacco industry finally began to faced extinction but they’ve now found another way back into your lives, health, and wallets – e-cigarettes. But are they really any better?

Incorporating Health into Urban Planning: Lessons from Building Healthy Cities and the World Urban Forum

Addressing health in urban settings is a priority area for JSI. The USAID-funded Building Healthy Cities project, implemented by JSI and partners, aims to refocus city policies, planning, and services with a health equity lens while improving data-driven decision-making for Smart Cities in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

NCDs: Learning from the Experience in High Income Countries

While there are significant differences between the NCD epidemics in countries of varying socio-economic development, there are many similarities. Lessons learned from our experiences in HIC can, and should, be applied to low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).