A Sustainable Strategy for Training Nurses and Pharmacists in Health Logistics

Staff from the USAID DELIVER project write about how they’re teaching logistics skills to Ghana’s nurses and pharmacists on the front lines of the supply chain.

Helping Health Workers Work with Mobile Money

The HealthKeepers Network (HKN) shows how mobile money has changed the way patients make payments in rural communities.

Moving Beyond Organizational Development: Strengthening civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina

JSI Communications advisor Jane Phelan discusses the importance of strategic planning for civil society organizations’ long-term sustainability.

The Opportunity to Choose: Location shouldn’t determine cancer survival

Angelina Jolie’s New York Times post about her preventative cancer surgeries highlights an important point: Each woman deserves the chance to make decisions about her own health.

Concurrent Treatment for HIV/TB Co-infection Breaks Up “Deadly Alliance”

The MEASURE evaluation finds that breaking the deadly alliance between TB and HIV is the key to improved survival for TB patients

Acknowledging the Barriers around Women’s Equality

In Guyana and Kenya, Advancing Partners & Communities (APC) is working to protect and advance women’s rights by decreasing instances of gender-based violence and female genital mutilation/cutting through the capacity building of local organizations.

How to Improve Respectful Maternity Care through Community Engagement

To increase the number of women who give birth at health facilities, the L10k project is talking to families about their care needs and working with facility staff to promote respectful care practices.

Data You can Count On: A new dashboard on youth sexual & reproductive health in Asia and the Middle East

Today the world is home to 1.8 billion people between the ages of 10 and 24, which constitutes the largest generation of young people in history. Sixty percent of young people live in Asia, and the Middle East has one of the youngest populations in the world To improve understanding of young people’s needs in this region, USAID’s Advancing Partners & Communities Project (APC) launched a new dashboard on key youth indicators related to gender and sexual and reproductive health.