Better-Designed Health Information Systems Make for Better Health Outcomes

Countries and development partners have made progress in strengthening data collection and deploying technologies to move data up the health system for monitoring and evaluating performance. But to realize the transformative power of information, it is the frontline healthcare workers—the doctors, nurses, community health workers, etc.—who require information to make informed, intelligent decisions.

The Heart of the Matter

Did you know that more than one in ten women in Nigeria gives birth at home without a doctor, a skilled birth attendant, or even an unskilled relative? Bolaji Faphohuna and Nosa Orabaton, of the USAID|TSHIP project share findings from their extensive research into the factors that contribute to this maternal health crisis.

Good governance and protecting newborns in Sokoto

On the mid-September morning we met Baby Rukayatu in Zangalawa village, 30 minutes from Sokoto Town in north-western Nigeria, the desert sky was blue and visibility was as good as it gets. The ground, still soaking wet from a recent downpour, hosted a riotous festival of flowers and vast armies of towering, green stalks of … Continue reading “Good governance and protecting newborns in Sokoto”

Women Deliver Day 2: Family Planning is a Health System Strengthening Intervention

It is true that national family planning services rely on functional health systems to thrive. Equally true is that family planning has unique, powerful health system effects of its own. Given family planning’s cross cutting, positive effects on maternal health, child and neonatal health, and economic development as a whole, it does in its own … Continue reading “Women Deliver Day 2: Family Planning is a Health System Strengthening Intervention”

Impressions from Arusha: A call to action to improve health care for women and end preventable maternal mortality world wide

There is something ceaseless and timelessness in resplendent Arusha, Tanzania, the venue of the second Global Maternal Health Conference. Not so in the hallways of the conference meeting where a sense of urgency to do more for maternal health is evidently palpable. I was struck by three main impressions.