Mindy Nichamin: I began working in HIV when…

I was born in the 80s, the same decade that the HIV epidemic began. Yet I was too young to remember the fear, the lives lost, the activism, and the scientific advances of the first decade of the epidemic. Fast forward to the 2000s where I found myself and my peers, as young people in the United States, unacquainted with the reality of HIV around us.

Youth, Mobile, and Health at Sex::Tech 2011

Mobile health is a hot topic. Youth want to access health information quickly and easily, especially when it comes to HIV. This could be anything from learning what HIV is, to answering a question about how it’s transmitted, to finding an HIV testing site nearby. And youth can (and do!) do this with cell phones. Mindy Nichamin at JSI writes about AIDS.gov’s participation in two recent conferences: Sex::Tech and Mobile Health 2011.