Youth to Durban: “Listen!”

Last week in Durban, at the International Conference on AIDS, young people stole the show. This was the second Durban conference; the first was 16 years ago, in 2000. Back then, a major conference topic was commitment: mobilizing leaders around the world to commit seriously to addressing the spread of HIV in their countries. Looking back on our progress since 2000, the HIV and AIDS community can say with pride that we have come a long way. Seventeen million people have access to treatment. We have eliminated mother-to-child transmission in Cuba, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova and Thailand.

Nothing about them, without them (Reprise)

My AIDS2012 experience kicked off early on Sunday morning in a standing-room only session on youth living with HIV. I was floored—both figuratively and literally (I was sitting ON the floor)—by the youth who spoke so passionately about their experiences transitioning out of pediatric care and taking control of managing their health as strong, HIV-positive young adults.

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The JSI and WORLD EDUCATION CENTER for HIV and AIDS launched this blog as an effort to share more widely among our JSI and World Education staff worldwide, as well as external colleagues, reports from the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria.