Derek Kunaka: On Strengthening Health Systems to Meet SDGs

We have a learning model at MEval-SIFSA where we’ve itemised what defines a health system as “functioning.” For us, a strong, functioning system is one that takes you through the entire data management process and evaluates how the data is gathered, interpreted and analysed. But most importantly, a functioning system uses data to maximise a health programme’s impact and improve health outcomes.

Top 10 Blogs on The Pump: 2014

Last year, JSI addressed health needs in the U.S. and around the world. Along the way, our experts wrote about their experiences working on some of the most important topics of the year, from Ebola to HIV. 1) Fighting the Ebola outbreak: Report from Liberia Liberia-based Dr. Rose Jallah-Macauley discusses the impact and optimism of the … Continue reading “Top 10 Blogs on The Pump: 2014”

Frontline Health Workers Use Technology to Improve Care

As a frontline health worker in Malawi, Petro Kangulu is one of approximately 4,000 health surveillance assistants (HSA) focused on improving the health of people in his community by providing community case management (CCM) for common childhood illnesses. Petro, who lives in Kasungu district in western Malawi, was selected by his community for the role four … Continue reading “Frontline Health Workers Use Technology to Improve Care”