Jeremy Holman: I began working in HIV when…

I started working in the HIV field in 1998, when I was hired (by Annie Silvia, who now works at JSI) at the Boston AIDS Consortium, a small AIDS service organization for which I later became the Executive Director. At the time, I was beginning my third year as a Ph.D. student at Clark University, but had an urge to start “doing something productive” after so many years in school. I was interested in gay/lesbian politics, and was drawn to HIV/AIDS work because it had been so closely connected to the gay/lesbian civil rights movement.

Science has removed our excuses. Can we really achieve the end of AIDS?

Can we achieve the end of AIDS? As someone who barely remembers a world without HIV, I admit I’ve been skeptical of such aspirations. But after the first day of the International AIDS Conference, I’m daring to believe that we just might be able to “turn the tide” in this 30-year battle against HIV.