LPV/r Pellet Toolkit Helps Countries Adopt this New Pediatric HIV Medication

LPV/r pellets are a new, more palatable, and easier-to-administer formulation of a medication for babies and children with HIV. Because of how well they work for pediatric patients, the World Health Organization now recommends LPV/r pellets as the first-line treatment for children 3 months or older, who weigh 5 kilograms or more, and who are able to swallow the pellets with liquid or soft foods.

How to Achieve an AIDS-free Generation: Start with Some Old-fashioned Activism

In late June, I was approached by an old friend, Dr. Paul Zeitz, Senior Vice-President of Policy for ACT V, to sign a statement calling for the U.S. government to develop a global AIDS strategy…A few weeks later, I and other signers received an invitation from Ambassador Goosby, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, to offer input for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s upcoming speech to the XIX International AIDS Conference.

What motivates us to work in HIV

On Monday, July 23rd, Ambassador Eric Goosby, Director of the Office of Global AIDS Program, began his speech at the World Bank Debate held during the AIDS 2012 international conference, by discussing his motivators for working in HIV.