5 Ways Family Planning Promotes Prosperity and Saves Lives

Family planning is one of the most life-saving, empowering, and cost-effective interventions for women and girls. When women have access to family planning services and reproductive health commodities, they are more likely to go further in their education, survive childbirth, and raise healthier children. Giving women the tools to plan their families can transform economies.

Bouncing Back: Resiliency and Community Health Systems – Liberia, Nepal and Pakistan

Developing countries often face the unexpected: disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and political unrest. To sustain advances in their health systems while safeguarding communities, health staff and organizations need strategies that promote system resilience—the capacity to anticipate and respond to crises; maintain core functions when shocks strike; and reorganize when extreme conditions or circumstances arise.

Empowering Indigenous Communities in Ethiopia to Make Healthy Decisions

“I was treated worse than a baboon in the forest. I had no rights and no say,” said Gulo Bolu. Gulo’s story is an inspiring tale of how one woman’s courage has had an impact on the lives of 30,000 Hamar women. Gulo lives in Wassemu village, Minogelti kebele in southwest Ethiopia. She is the … Continue reading “Empowering Indigenous Communities in Ethiopia to Make Healthy Decisions”