Africa! We can turn the tide…with all in stride!

Finally, America here we are! In jumbo jet planes we came! KLM, the Dutch air carrier that brought us to Washington, D.C. for the AIDS 2012 Conference, was forced to switch to a larger plane to accommodate the multitude of people that came from all corners of planet Earth, harkening America’s call for people of all walks of life to come together in an effort to turn the tide against the HIV pandemic .

Integration in Rome: NUMAT’s take on the 6th International AIDS Conference

Andrew Alyao Ocero is the Director of Clinical Services on JSI’s Northern Uganda Malaria AIDS and Tuberculosis (NUMAT) Program. In this blog, Dr. Ocero calls Rome a theatrical backdrop to the IAS 2011 conference’s grand three day performance, where findings of landmark clinical trials were put on show, studies were debated, and challenges and innovations were hashed out. He and fellow participating NUMAT staff noted the clear message that implementation science needs to become part and parcel of strategies aimed at strengthening health service delivery, took away a greater appreciation of the ways stronger referral mechanisms and more comprehensive MCH and FP services can attract more HIV clients to use services, and were given pause by two papers presented at the conference which put a caveat on assumptions about service integration as a panacea for improved HIV care.