About the Pump

The Pump is JSI’s online hub for articles and blog posts written by our staff in the U.S. and around the globe. Our site connects you to the latest public health news and opinion from the foremost experts in the evolving fields of HIV, maternal and child health, health disparities, health reform, social media and health supply chain systems. You can also follow The Pump for updates, stories, and photos from JSI’s many domestic and international projects.

Launched with a focus on HIV in 2010 by the JSI and World Education Center for HIV and AIDS, The Pump has expanded to include the latest information on a wide range of health issues, projects, and policies that affect individuals and communities around the world. Our mission is to keep our readers informed about our work and advance the ongoing conversation about the way forward toward solving today’s biggest health challenges.

Where did the name “The Pump” come from?

The JSI blog, The Pump, takes its name from the Broad Street Pump in London, made famous after Dr. John Snow removed its handle, suspecting that the water pump was spreading cholera to nearby households in the mid-1800s. In the spirit of Dr. John Snow, we work to find and implement practical and lasting solutions to global health problems. The stories of our innovation and impact are the focus of this blog.

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