About the Center for HIV & AIDS

The JSI & WORLD EDUCATION CENTER FOR HIV & AIDS approach to combating HIV focuses on communities and collaboration. For over two decades JSI, World Education and its partners have shaped and advanced HIV programs in the United States and in countries around the world that are context-specific and supported by current best practices, technology, and research—all in response to local concerns.

The Center promotes integration in all of its projects, by linking prevention, treatment, and care and support—an essential triumvirate—to meet the complex needs of people at risk for acquiring HIV, those living with the virus, and those affected by its consequences. Rather than focus on a single aspect of the epidemic, JSI & World Education staff engage with partners across the spectrum of interventions to more fully meet the needs of clients, providers, and program managers and to strengthen the continuum of care.

All Center activities apply the following principles:
1. Active participation of project beneficiaries, including those infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS, so that programs are relevant and locally-owned
2. Internal and external partnership and collaboration
3. Multisectoral approaches that address the underlying economic, social, and cultural factors that increase individual, family, and community vulnerability to HIV
4. Commitment to building individual and institutional capacity
5. Advocacy to improve the HIV and AIDS policy environment

Knowledge alone cannot stop HIV. That is why the JSI and World Education Center for HIV & AIDS supports programs that change individual and community behavior, link people to critical services, and reduce stigmatization of those infected with and affected by HIV.

Email the center for HIV & AIDS at HIV/AIDS@jsi.com