Voices of Public Health Podcast with Dr. Nabeela Ali – How Does Strengthening a Health System Save Lives?

Nancy Brady, JSI Public Health Technical Advisor, interviews Dr. Nabeela Ali, JSI Country Representative for Pakistan about the HSS Component’s impressive results.

In 2010, Pakistan decentralized its health system, giving provinces a much greater role in setting health sector strategies, policies, and financing. Decentralization was a major paradigm shift for Pakistan, and required provincial health systems to make substantial structural and fiscal adjustments to be in line with the new legislation. USAID’s Maternal and Child Health Program was developed to support the Pakistani government and Sindh province, in particular, through the initial process of decentralization. From 2013 to 2017, JSI implemented the Health Systems Strengthening Component of USAID’s Maternal and Child Health Program.

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Credits: Music by Scott Buckley

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