Leveraging Business Approaches to Improve Access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, to address public health problems caused by lack of WASH facilities, JSI constructed standard public toilets with bathing rooms, updated health centers’ water supply systems, built public water points and pipeline extensions, and rehabilitated hand-dug wells and public latrines.

PUSHTi: Promoting Nutrition, Health, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Northern India

In northern India, JSI is working through PUSHTi, a community-centered initiative, to integrate nutrition, health, sanitation, and hygiene in order to address the immediate and underlying causes of undernutrition among women, adolescent girls, and children.

Using Multi-Sectoral Programming to Strengthen Malnutrition Prevention efforts in Africa

Ella Jaiblai, Essential Nutrition Actions advisor for the LAUNCH project in Liberia, reports from the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy (MSN) Global Learning and Evidence Exchange (GLEE) Workshop last January in Accra, Ghana.