King vs. Burwell Brings a Sigh of Relief, But Now it’s Back to Work!

Read JSI’s Rachel Tobey’s commentary on the Supreme Court’s landmark decision this week in King v. Burwell, which ruled that the Affordable Care Act does not prevent tax subsidies from going to help people buy health insurance in states that have not set up insurance exchanges under the health-care reform law.

Impassioned Community Establishes a Federally-Qualified Health Center in Wyoming, Increasing Care Access for Underserved  

A group of individuals in rural Wyoming made it their mission to increase access to care for the medically underserved by creating a Federally-qualified Health Center.

Electronic Cigarettes: Combating Misconceptions by Supporting Public Education

Electronic cigarettes (ENDS) are growing in popularity, as well as the public misconceptions around their health-risks. Learn more about these popular e-cigarettes, especially among young adults, and how local RI providers are educating people about the serious health issues related to ENDS.

Don’t Overlook Male Engagement in Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Males are half the equation when we’re talking about teen pregnancy prevention. In honor of National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, JSI’s Myriam Hernandez-Jennings explains the importance of bringing young men into the conversation about family planning, pregnancy prevention, and healthy relationships.

Design thinking & global health: an opportunity

Design thinking takes a human-centered approach to creating and implementing innovative programs, integrating the needs of the people/customers, the possibilities of technology and other innovations, and the requirements of business success. The design process starts with empathy generation, and then moves through various stages until you’re testing a final prototype with users.