JSI Works with Community Health Centers through Transformation

Community Health Centers (CHCs) are facing a time of transition. Along with the Affordable Care Act’s opportunities for safety net users come challenges for the organizations that address the needs of the underserved and uninsured. While expansion of Medicaid potentially brings new clients, expanded insurance opportunities mean clients will have a choice of where to access health care and CHCs will have to focus on retaining as well as expanding their client base.

Health care reform upheld by Supreme Court: JSI staff react

For 35 years, JSI staff have dedicated themselves to improving health care for the underserved. With the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court today upholding the Affordable Care Act, millions of currently uninsured Americans will be able to participate in the health care system. The people of JSI had a lot to say about that:

U.S. Investments in Health are Working — and Georgia Reminds Us We Must Sustain and Extend the Gains

Twenty years ago, the countries of the former Soviet Union declared independence. Since that time, many countries in the region have experienced what can rightly be described as a revolution in women’s health care. Thanks in large part to U.S. investments in the country of Georgia’s health sector, for example, maternity care has been modernized … Continue reading “U.S. Investments in Health are Working — and Georgia Reminds Us We Must Sustain and Extend the Gains”

Healthy and Balanced Sexual Eduation

“Sexual health is an important part of the overall health and well-being of teenagers,” Gottlieb added. “For too long, we as a nation have been far too squeamish about sexual health issues for teens, but we owe it to our kids to get over it.” FACT: Reducing unintended pregnancies, particularly among adolescents, would improve educational … Continue reading “Healthy and Balanced Sexual Eduation”

Can “Test & Treat” Translate “Universal Hope” into “Universal Reality?”

Using HIV treatment as a strategy for prevention of HIV transmission.