Five Tips for Building Data Visualization Capacity

Data visualization is a powerful way to illustrate trends and outcomes, whether for routine program monitoring or telling success stories. But learning how to design great visualization products as part of routine monitoring, evaluation, or communications can seem daunting, particularly if your data visualization coach lives on another continent. JSI’s Amanda Makulec shares five tips for creating successful data visualizations.

Data Design for the Manager’s Mind

Well designed data can have a huge impact on evidence-based decision making, but transforming numbers and spreadsheets into illuminating data visualizations can be daunting. JSI’s Amanda Makulec provides invaluable resources aimed at helping evaluators and managers maximize the impact of program data.

Themes from #HSR2014: On networks, information sharing, and promoting action

Last week the Cape Town International Convention Center was filled with almost 2,000 participants from 125 countries talking about health systems. The Symposium theme was the Science and Practice of People-Centered Health Systems, and the dialogue was bigger and broader than the somewhat academic vision that the “Third Global Health Systems Research Symposium” might evoke. … Continue reading “Themes from #HSR2014: On networks, information sharing, and promoting action”